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Imploding Fictions
c/o Øystein Ulsberg Brager
Lørenveien 55A
0585 Oslo

Mobile: (0047) 986 37 123

Norwegian organization number: 985466912

Email Imploding Fictions: implodingfictions (a)

The Amelia Project:
Philip’s webpage:
Oystein’s webpage:

Imploding Fictions is a member of Performing Arts Hub Norway.

Joint Artistic Directors
Philip Thorne, Director (United Kingdom/Germany/France)
Øystein Ulsberg Brager, Director (Norway)

Board Members
Øystein Ulsberg Brager, Director (Norway) – chairman of the board
Elisabet Hagli Aars, Actress (Norway) – deputy chairman of the board
Mika Ore, General Manager at the Norwegian Actors’ Centre (Norway)
Marie Ulsberg, General Manager at Det Andre Teatret (Norway)

You can contact the deputy chairman Elisabet Hagli Aars via:
post (a)

Previous board members
Benjamin Noble (2019)
Espen Hjort (2012 – 2019)
Kristine Rui Slettebakken (deputy chairman of the board 2014 – 2017)
Toril Solvang (2012 – 2016)
Birgitte Strid (2012)
Michael H. Sciarrone (2010 – 2011)