The Predictions, photo: Ida Oppen

Harassment policy
Imploding Fictions does not tolerate any form of harassment or assault, sexual or otherwise. We are dedicated to making all our productions and projects a safe place to work for everyone.

As a company registered in Norway our guiding principles are based in Norwegian law, especially arbeidsmiljøloven (The Working Environment Act) and likestilling- og diskrimineringsloven (The Equality and Anti Discrimination Act). We also adhere to local law wherever we work and perform. We do not accept any form of harassment. Anyone under contract with Imploding Fictions are obligated to ensure a safe working environment.

Diversity and Inclusion Policy
We are dedicated to diversity, inclusion and representation. We aim to express that through the work we make, through the people we chose to work with, and through whom we give our support and endorsement.

Free Speech Policy
As artists, freedom of speech is a core value and lies as a premise for everything we do. With freedom comes responsibility. Whilst we will always defend our right to express our opinion through art, including our right to use comedy and satire as a vehicle for criticism, we are also dedicated to exercising caution, sensitivity and respect, acknowledging the privilege that comes with the ability to use our voice in the public space.

Harassment Reporting Policy
Any instance of harassment or other unacceptable working conditions during an Imploding Fictions production or project shall be reported to the Artistic Director. If it is not favorable to report to the Artistic Director, the incident shall be reported to Imploding Fictions’ board. Names and contact details for the board shall always be available via our webpage. If it is not favorable to report to the board, we recommend contacting a relevant workers union. In serious cases, we recommend contacting The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority or the equivalent local authority, or the police.

Updated May 2020.