Conversation / Den perfekte samtalen

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Imagine if you could achieve everything you wanted just through saying the right things?!

Conversation (Norwegian title: Den perfekte samtalen) is a lecture performance teaching you how you can influence other people – teachers, bosses, work colleagues, potential lovers – and have everything exactly the way you want it…

The show details the attempt to hold the perfect conversation, and how impossible this is, touching on themes like rethoric, the art of conversation, the power of words – and their powerlessness.

The show is produced in Norway, and performed in Norwegian.

Performance dates 2014
Opening night tuesday 16th December 7.30 pm
Matiné 17th December 11 am
Cafeteatret / Nordic Black Theatre, Hollendergata 8, Oslo, Norway

Performance dates 2015
Vinterlysfestivalen at Nordland Teater 8th – 10th February

Available for touring for adults and teenage audience
The production is made to be performed in lecture halls, theatres or ordinary classrooms. We perform the show in two different versions:

– For adults. Perfect for theatre festivals, arts venues and for your business seminar!
– For schools, 16-19 year olds.

Contact person: Elisabet Hagli Aars, eaars(a)
Link to YouTube-video of the performance available upon request.

A show by Imploding Fictions
Based on Conversation by Alexis Clements
Adapted by Elisabet Hagli Aars & Øystein Ulsberg Brager
With: Elisabet Hagli Aars
Directed by: Øystein Ulsberg Brager
Photo: Ida Oppen
Graphic design: Anders N. Pedersen
Video documentation: Lars-Petter Iversen
Supported by: Fond for frilansere (Norsk Skuespillerforbund), Nordic Black Theatre, og FFUK.

Touring info for Den Kulturelle Skolesekken in Norway:
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Documents for schools – in Norwegian:
Vi har laget et dokument med VIKTIG informasjon til læreren. Det finner du her: VIKTIG informasjon til læreren om Den perfekte samtalen PDF

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Ta gjerne en kikk på Undervisningsmateriale Den perfekte samtalen PDF.

Er du en elev som har sett forestillingen og vil vite mer, eller kanskje du lurer på hvilke bøker som ble brukt? Ta gjerne en kikk på Undervisningsmateriale Den perfekte samtalen PDF.

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