“…the script has been lost. The actors put their faces on the rack in the dressing room…”

Imploding Fictions’ internationally acclaimed production of Hamletmachine opened at London’s BAC in 2007 and has since been on tour to Egypt, Italy, France and the Netherlands. Hamletmachine was awarded the Premio Internazionale Claudio Gora for best experimental production in Rome in December 2007.

‘A stimulating combination of ideas, language, superb acting, sound and creative vision (…) An impressive production challenging the limitations of theatre. For me by far and away one of the best theatre experiences this year and possibly sometime beyond!’
Iona Mc Leish, London

‘One can like it or hate this piece – but he or she has to confess, that this Hamletmachine is the work of two directors who really know what their question is to the text, to their actors and to the medium itself. An aesthetic and intellectual statement and at the same time a personal answer to the question: How do you do theatre today?’
Alexandra Müller – review Amsterdam

Production details

Theatre performance, 1h 15 min

Théâtre de la Vignette, Montpellier, October 2009
Festival Premières, Strasbourg,
June 2009
Theater Frascati, Amsterdam,
June 2008
Laboratorium Teatro, Rome,
December 2007
Cairo Opera House Studio, Egypt, September 2007
Universal Voices Symposium, Kent,
April 2007
BAC, London,
March 2007

Written by
Heiner Müller

Translated by
Carl Weber

Directed by
Philip Thorne, Øystein Ulsberg Brager

Performed by
Hannah Boyde, Samuel Metcalfe

Designed by
Vicky Johnstone

Lighting Design Touring Version by
Tamás Király

Original Lighting Design by
Stuart Lawson

Sound Design by
Bastian Kemmerich

Jade Nagi

Stephanie Dulieu

Sound Technician
Owen Swanson-Low

Ligthing Manager original production
Tamás Király

Lighting Design Amsterdam
Thomas Wheildon

Additional Sound
Laurence Short

Graphic Design
Anders N. Pedersen

The production has been supported by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, the Norwegian Dance- and Theatre Centre, CIFET, the Martin Bowley Trust Fund, the ITS Festival, Associazone Claudio Gora, INSTED and Rose Bruford and is performed with permission by Rosica Colin Ltd.

Do you want to see a video of the touring version of the show? Please email us for a private YouTube link.

Photographs from Hamletmachine with courtesy of Mere Words Photopgraphy © 2007.