You are invited…


You Are Invited was our contribution to Brisbane’s Anywhere Theatre Festival, a festival that aims to go beyond the proscenium arch and celebrates theatre in unusual places. The site of our performance was the WWW. The audience was invited to call five different Skype Accounts, and there was no telling what awaited them at the other end…

The show was accessed by calling youareinvitedentry, where the workings of the show were explained and you were given the next Skype number to call. At the end of each show the next number was given. There were five different performances which took place in five different places around the world: Norway, Texas, Spain, Germany & England.

“You Are Invited is a clever piece and very thought provoking. It is more cerebral than it is emotional; a point of difference to most theatre. I recommend seeing You Are Invited.”
– Toby Martin, official Anywhere Theatre Festival review

“Just loved it. Strange, bizarre, beautiful and shockingly visceral.”
– Audience member

You can watch the entire show via our YouTube channel. Just follow the links at the end of each video. You can start here:

Production details

Online theatre performance, 30 min
Performed via Skype

Anywhere Theatre Festival, Brisbane
9th May, 11th & 13th May 2011


The Texas Invitation
Created by: Kelly Bland
Filmed at the Art Seen Alliance warehouse in Austin, TX
Score: Allen Cote
Lighting: Steven Shirey
Puppets: Erin Meyer
Camera: Michael Pugliese
Cam assistant: Cross Rogge
Collaborators: Jacob Trussell, Rachel Weise, Erin Meyer, Cleve Weise, Meghan Dwyer, Briana McKeague, Michelle Keffer
Special thanks to: Warren McKinney, Rob Matney, Beth Burns, Pedro Alexander, Kate Cote, Kelly Hasandras, Jorge Sermini, Aaron Alexander

The Norwegian Invitation
Created and performed by: Ingrid Askvik
Thanks to: Arild Rohde

The German Invitation
Created and performed by: Alexandra Müller

The Spanish Invitation
Created and performed by: iara Solano Arana and Sammy Metcalfe (Sleepwalk Collective)

The English Invitation
Created and performed by: Astor Agustsson
Thanks to: HalfCut

You Are Invited was curated by Øystein Ulsberg Brager and Philip Thorne (Imploding Fictions).