Welcome to Imploding Fictions

Imploding Fictions is an award winning theatre company
currently dedicated to producing the Audio Fiction Podcast The Amelia Project.
The company is run by Philip Thorne and Øystein Ulsberg Brager.


Audio Verse Awards, Best Writing / Best Audio Drama Production. 2020

Audio Verse Awards, Best Performance of a Supporting Role in an Audio Play Production 
/ Best Instrumental Composition in a Production. 2019

Audio Verse Awards,  Best Original Composition for a New Comedic Production
 & Best New Comedic Production

. 2018

Fiction Podcast Finalist at Austin Film Festival. 2017, Austin

Hedda Award, Special Artistic Achievement. 2011, Oslo

Newcomer Award, Theater Drachengasse. 2010, Vienna

Young Angels Theatremakers Award. 2008, London

Premio Internazionale Claudio Gora. 2007, Rome