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Kinder KKinderK

Imploding Fictions takes over the administration of the production Kinder K as from 2015. The play was originally produced and directed by Øystein Ulsberg Brager.

For information about booking, touring, technical details, Den Kulturelle Skolesekken, contact details or more click here.

Gerhard Herbert Kretschmar is born in Germany in 1939. 156 days later he is murdered, becoming the first child to die as part of the Nazis forced euthanasia program. Today HE and SHE are having their first baby. The antenatal screening shows that something is not as expected… Kinder K is a play which brings together two stories about human dignity.

Written by: Kristofer Blindheim Grønskag
Orginal cast: Axel Aubert and Ida Løken

Performed at: Norsk Dramatikkfestival at Dramatikkens hus (2013), Showbox (2013), Dramatikkens hus (februar 2014), Vinterlysfestivalen (2014), Kultursleppet på Lillehammer (2014), Vårscenefest (2014), Festspillene i Nord-Norge (2014) og SoriaLab-festivalen (2014), etc.

The Broadcast Party

Radio show / art happening

Black Box Teater, Oslo, 1st December 2012

Imploding Fictions / OIT presents a 45 min. radio show as part of a 36 hour temporary radio broadcast curated by Anders Mossling, Signe Becker and Anders Paulin.

With: Eirik Skåden (radio host), Ida Løken, Robert Rustad Amundsen and Øystein Ulsberg Brager.

Songs from Attempts on her life, lyrics by Martin Crimp, composed and performed by Robert Rustad Amundsen. Excerpt from Five days in March by Toshiki Okada read by Ida Løken. Mp3 greetings from Philip Thorne (joint artistic director of Imploding Fictions), Ali Anderson Dyer (artistic director of Bunbury Banter Theatre Company, London) and Espen Hjort (directing student, Amsterdam).

Streamed live via www.youtube.com/oslointernasjonale.

This Is Your Government Speaking

Performance (45 mins)

Premiered at Studio 101, London, July 2011

Directed by Philip Thorne
Music composed by Sarah Kershaw
Written and performed by Darren Lerigo

“Treat your politicians like you’d treat your children. Don’t let them get away with murder.” The award-winning team of Imploding Fictions and Darren Lerigo bring you absurd jokes, contrived randomness and a message from the Gods in This Is Your Government Speaking, a new work – part theatre, part stand-up comedy – which asks what the difference is between truth and belief…

I am a train station                              

Performance (30 mins)

Premiered at Factoria de Fuegos Noche Scratxe, february 2010

Written and directed by Darren Lerigo

Performed by Ismael de la Hoz

Spanish translation by Virginia Fernandez


Video Art, 19 min

Shot in the UK, June 2005
Screened at Red Dress Events, September 2007

Directed by
Philip Thorne, Øystein Ulsberg Brager

Performed by
Kelly Bland, Samuel Metcalfe

Assistant Director
Nick Kinghorn

Heartpiece is an enigmatic silent film based on a text by the German writer Heiner Müller. In an environment of broken bricks and red rose beds a twisted love story takes place. His heart is a brick. And she is determined to get it out by surgery.

Check it out on YouTube: Heartpiece

Cabaret Within

Short film, 30 min

Shot in Germany 2005
Screened at Red Dress Event, September 2007
Danson Festival, July 2007
La Viande Gallery, May 2007
Rose Bruford, October 2005

Directed by
Philip Thorne, Øystein Ulsberg Brager, Matthias Bollwerk

Performed by
Sammy Metcalfe, Anjorka Strechel, Julia Baukus, Nina Baukus

Verena Lauer, Greg Last

Sound Technician
Owen Swanson-Low

Graphic Design
Anders N. Pedersen

Made in only three days without money or sleep, but with top hats, penny farthings and typewriters, Cabaret Within is the surreal outcome of a weekend of kamikaze filmmaking.

Cabaret Within was made in collaboration with Bastion Films.

You can have a look at the film’s IMDb page here or watch the entire film via our YouTube account here: Cabaret Within


Now You See It, Now You Don’t


Performance at BAC Freshly Scratched, London, July 2007
Workshoped in Norway at NISS, August 2008

Devised by
Philip Thorne, Øystein Ulsberg Brager

Produced by
Michael H. Sciarrone

Graphic Design
Anders N. Pedersen

Now You See It, Now You Don’t is an attempt to salvage the world with an overabundance of confetti.

Check it out on YouTube: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Imitating Eloquence

Performance, work in progress

Maddid’s Nordic Festival, The Space, London, July 2009
TrafoFestivalen, Bingen Scene, Kristiansand, Norway, February 2008

Idea and direction by
Øystein Ulsberg Brager

Kristiansand version performed by
Øystein Ulsberg Brager

London version co-written
and performed by
Astor Agustsson

Artistic collaborator
Philip Thorne

Music for Kristiansand version by
Simen Lyndgren

Part performance, part game, part ritual; Imitating Eloquence is a discovery of how easy it is to lie and how near death is.

7 Tales of Time

Collection of seven short films, 1h 45 min
Original title: 7 Fortellinger om Tid
Shot in Groruddalen, Norway and Värmland, Sweden 2005
Screened at Rose Bruford, October 2005

Initiated and directed by
Philip Thorne, Øystein Ulsberg Brager

Cast includes
Luke Waldock, Eirik Skåden, Kine Marie Halvorsen, Christoffer Hag Maure, Amir Mirzai, Jo Adrian Haavind, Kaja Schau Knatten, Odin Skaugen, Hartvig Hansen, Trude Nereng

Graphic Design
Anders N. Pedersen

The films were made with support from Trafo.no.

INSTED letters

Summer 2008 INSTED asked 4 members to start a letter exchange about the preparation for their performances at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival and BITEF; Philip Thorne were to exchange letters with Sanja Mitrovic and Øystein U. Brager with David Overend. The letters were printed in little booklets for the performances in Amsterdam.

You can read the letters on Imploding Fictions blog.
Click here to read the letters between David Overend and Oystein U. Brager.
Click here to read the letters between Sanja Mitrovic and Philip Thorne.